TENCEL™ fibres

Wood you like some TENCEL™?

With the environment becoming more and more important, GTA Belgium is always looking to produce in a sustainable and eco-friendly way. One of the things we do to achieve this, is by using TENCEL™ fibres. Made entirely from wood cellulose, they are a more eco-conscious alternative to other textile fibres such as virgin polyester or regular cotton.

Eucalyptus trees provide the wood for most of the TENCEL™ fibres. A good choice since they are fast-growing and require little water nor pesticides. The forests are responsibly managed and replenished frequently, thus limiting the impact on the environment. The harvested wood is made into pulp which is then turned into an extremely soft fibre that is 100% biodegradable. From nature back to nature.

Because of their ecological closed loop production process, TENCEL™ was awarded the European Union Eco-Label, an amazing feat due to the strict requirements. The award is given for both the product and the production process. Seeing the Eco-flower, therefore, guarantees the eco-friendliest product possible.